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Audio Production

Audio post-production is my single biggest passion. No other creative activity is so consistently fun, meditative or rewarding.

This keen interest has taken many forms over the years, including:

• Promotional radio spots.
• Radio dramas.
• An ambitious, extremely production-heavy sketch comedy podcast.
• Original background music scored across numerous PC, Mac and iOS software (with both live and sampled instruments).
• Remixes and mashups.
• Production of demos and competition entries for a local Brisbane band.
• Community radio hosting and live production.
• Awkward bedroom DJing (away from public eyes).

Visit Rubber Chicken Audio (the production banner for all of the above) for my latest projects, or continue reading for portfolio samples.

If you have any specific request not covered below, please don’t hesitate to ask. I love doing this, so if it’s not in my broader portfolio, chances are I’ll be very happy to compose, produce or mix some sample work on spec.

Soundscape / Sketch Comedy / Gentle Ambient Soundtrack

“Rinse Your Anxiety Away” is a relaxation tape parody written and read by Andrew McIlvaney; a gentle soundscape gradually ruined by increasingly absurd interruptions.  I handled the music, soundscape and production, with particular care for syllable-by-syllable timing.

 Download MP3


A suite for a story set on board a blimp, covering the stages of “peaceful”, “bittersweet”, “defeated” and finally – with the help of some rollicking brass – “triumphant”.

 Download MP3

Dramatic Production / Soundtrack

“Trial of the Time Crosser” (written by Andrey Summers, performed by Matt Cornah, produced and scored by myself) is a dramatic monologue with an ambient soundtrack.

PLEASE NOTE: this recording contains some disturbing language and themes.
It is, however, a very compelling listen, and I had a brilliant time composing a score that raised and fell with the story’s intensity.


Ads / Segment Intros

The Vine, a video game podcast, requested a “wall of sound” showcasing soundbites from Mario and Donkey Kong games.  With some Beatles, for good measure.

 Download MP3

Want some extra sonic spark in your game, movie, radio show or podcast?  I’d love to hear from you! Contact enquiries@alastaircraig.com to discuss your project.